Summer Solstice: Start of Summer Skincare

Summer Solstice: Start of Summer Skincare

The solstice is an astrological event that marks the end of one seasonal cycle and the start of another. But it’s more than just a change in the weather or how much daylight we get to enjoy. According to some astrologers, the solstice can be a powerful time for people to experience psychological and emotional shifts in their lives.

How People Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Throughout time people have celebrated the solstice in unique ways. Historically, it’s been noted as the time to plant crops, has been correlated with the rising of the Nile River and floods, and signifies the official beginning of summer. 

Ancient Greece saw this date as the start of the new year. During this time, they held Kronia—a festival for Cronus, the God of Agriculture.

In the days leading up to the solstice, the Romans celebrated Vestalia, which honored the goddess of home and family, Vesta. During this time, temple offerings were exchanged for blessings for women and their families.

Ancient China commemorated summer solstice as a time of great feminine power and celebrated earth on this day. Yin—a symbol of femininity, earth, and moon—was also celebrated.

Native Americans perform ceremonial dances to honor and communicate with the sun. The Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming is still used by Indigenous groups today for solstice celebrations and commemoration.

Before Christianity came to Central Europe, many different groups celebrated this night with bonfires. The bonfires were thought to be powerful and magical.

summer solstice bonfires at the beach

Today, bonfires are still a common part of solstice celebrations around the world. Essentially, The solstice is a mystical time and has been throughout the centuries. There's a reason why we continue to celebrate in many ways. What does the summer solstice mean to you?

Solstice Beauty Regime

Summer solstice is celebrated by us in many different ways, and some are personal, but most include an idea of renewal or a second chance. And TRU ALCHEMY is here to help you become the alchemist of your own personal journey where skincare meets self-care. Your summer solstice can be about feeling good and refreshed inside and out, starting with your skin. If you’re looking forward to a solstice celebration, then we’ve got some great tips for you to get your skin beautiful and shining, no matter how you celebrate.

It starts with renewal, and Celestial Cleanser is the best way to refresh and rejuvenate your skincare routine. Free of sulfates and other harsh cleansing agents, this formula uses mineral clay to draw out the dirt, oil, and other impurities you want to get rid of. Then comes the calming power of cucumber and the nurturing nectar of melon to refresh and rejuvenate your skin.

How do you roll this into a ritual and a celebration of the sun? It’s a twice-daily cleanse that starts as a refresh on the solstice (although any day will do). And turn that moment into a relaxing facial massage for the ultimate transformation. Moisten your face and massage the cleanser all over. Use soothing, circular motions in the direction of the earth’s orbit around the sun. Rinse your face with warm water. Then for the best results, follow with Tru Alchemy Spot Check. Massage a few drops of Spot Check onto your face every morning and night using gentle circular motions. With constituent use, the clean ingredients in Spot Check have been shown to visibly improve sun spots, redness, & blemish scars. In the morning, be sure to follow up with some SPF30 sunscreen!

Keep up your new ritual twice daily, and you’ll begin to see some impressive results that will make you want to celebrate the winter solstice too. 

Why It Works

Wondering why Celestial Cleanser is better than your current favorite? We blend nature’s key minerals and soothing botanicals into a formula that washes away dirt, oil, and makeup to leave you with a refreshed and brighter appearance. Kaolin Clay, cucumber extract, lemon and orange peel extracts, and melon extract work together to help your skin appear smoother, brighter, and feel cleaner and more balanced. You’ll start to notice a visible reduction in the appearance of common blemishes. It’s a real bit of magic that doesn’t need a bonfire to happen.

Tru Alchemy Glow Serum

Extra Steps for Your Ritual

Want to make that refresh even more impactful to get you ready for the change in seasons? 

♦ Use a gentle exfoliant on your body once a week to help slough off dry, dull winter skin.

♦ As the weather changes and becomes warmer, you could be more at risk of dehydration. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily, and liven it up with freshly sliced lemon, oranges, or other summer fruit for natural flavor.

♦ Fuel your body right. What you eat really can impact your skin. Summer fruits and veggies are full of skin-loving nutrients that make delicious, light meals that also taste great.

♦ Sun protection all the time. Whether you choose to wear sunscreen or UV-protective clothing, make sure to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays if you are planning to be outdoors or in the sun.

Celebrate a Celestial Summer

Since the summer solstice is the longest day of the year, it seems like you should make it the best day of the year. That requires a bit of self-care, feeling completely fantastic about how you look, and gathering your favorite people around to celebrate. 

If you want to create your own earth celebration and renewal ritual, we suggest diving into the power of Celestial Cleanser and feeling the power of nature’s best ingredients. It’ll fuel your beauty routine and give you the skin you know you were meant to have.