Skin Secrets and How to Heal Your Skin From the Inside Out

Skin Secrets and How to Heal Your Skin From the Inside Out

You want great, healthy skin. It’s as simple as that. But getting it – that’s where it can get tricky. How do you convince your skin to look healthy, not break out, and prevent fine lines and wrinkles? Luckily, there are some things you can start doing right now to get your skin goals in motion. Here are our tips for nurturing your skin from the inside to see the results on the outside.


Having a night out with friends over good food and drinks is a great way to unwind, but you are what you eat. Certain foods could be punishing your skin. When you make healthier food choices, you can actually nourish your skin, giving it the nutrients it needs for a healthy glow. Science says that nutrition and healthy skin go hand-in-hand, so you have the scientific endorsement and the desire to keep unsightly breakouts at bay. So, it’s time to stop using your skin as a test subject and start caring for it from within. Don’t forget that water is essential, so make sure you are getting enough every day to stay hydrated.

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Sleep is an essential part of the healthy skin equation. You’ve probably been told sleep is important your whole life, and you get it – sort of. Those nights when you stay up too late or battle insomnia, you just don’t feel right the next day. But it goes deeper than that – skin deep, in fact. Sleep protects your skin. Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep keeps your skin moisturized, allowing it to go through a restoration process, much like the rest of your body, when you’re sleeping. That means prioritizing sleep is crucial to having healthy skin.


Your face can betray your feelings and emotions. Often your expression (even when it’s subconscious) lets others know how you’re feeling. Stress can manifest through breakouts and wrinkles, and even acne can appear as evidence of how you are feeling. One way you can combat this is by learning some relaxation techniques and practicing meditation. There are several different ways that a meditation routine can improve the health and appearance of your skin. It can:

♦ Help reduce stress and negative emotions.
♦ Rejuvenate the skin, as mindful breathing brings oxygen into the body.
♦ Lower blood pressure and tension-related pains, and improve sleep to support overall health.
♦ Open your mind to other healthier life choices.

Physical Activity

Your body can benefit from physical activity in many ways. You may be surprised to know that physical activity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join the local gym. It simply means getting regular movement such as taking a walk through the park, going for a swim, or even taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Physical activity helps increase the blood flow in your body, which does two really important things. It removes toxins, and it increases nourishment. Pretty big deal when it comes to healthy skin, don’t you think? Physical activity also improves your overall health, which shows up everywhere, from your nails to your hair to your skin.

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Tru Alchemy®

Trust Tru Alchemy® for daily selfcare rituals and products that can give your skin the support it needs. We want the best for your skin and have the products that can help skin look healthier, more youthful, and brighter. Our brand is about selfcare, and skincare is a huge part of that. Skincare starts with a routine, creating time for you to show your skin some love – A routine with the right ingredients and formulas. We love your skin as much as you do, and as part of your selfcare routine, Tru Alchemy® will bring a glow to your skin and bring you in touch with the ‘you’ you were meant to be.

Final Thoughts

If you want incredible skin, the real answer lies within. It’s not an overnight fix, and building up beauty from the inside out takes work and dedication, but it can be done. You most certainly can make great choices that end up creating physical improvements in your skin. 

So really, the key is consistency. Eat healthy, stay hydrated, keep moving, meditate, get plenty of sleep, and use Tru Alchemy® products as part of your selfcare routine.