Skin Secrets: How Food Can Revitalize Your Skin

Skin Secrets: How Food Can Revitalize Your Skin

We’re all after that glow. We often look at beauty as an outward manifestation of our internal health, so improving our skin starts from within. If the body is a temple, then providing the right offerings will help yours stay heavenly.

We know that part of a healthy lifestyle is being mindful of what we consume. Incorporating nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables into our diet significantly increases energy and vitality and benefits our overall wellbeing. 

Excessive sugar, alcohol, and too many processed foods result in a variety of health issues and have detrimental effects on our skin. From breakouts to premature aging, inflamed dryness, and a blotchy dull complexion, even the most thorough and holistic skincare routines can be undermined by a poor diet.

Superfoods for your skin

Luckily for us, we can complement the effects of certain topical skincare ingredients by doubling up and consuming them! Many of these nutrients are naturally present in familiar foods. 

Eating them works synergistically with skincare products to support your skin against common environmental stress, promote a collagen-rich complexion, and improve the appearance of skin, making it look firmer. Give these superfoods a chance to work their magic, creating dewy, hydrated, and glowing skin you’ll love—no filter needed. Here are the dietary tips and secrets you need to know!

Aloe Water

A simple first step is hydration. It’s no secret increasing our daily water intake will flush out impurities, but you can try adding humectants like aloe to revitalize, detox, plump up your complexion, and help brighten the appearance of dark circles. Humectants are added to products to help them retain their moisture, and it’s always a good thing when it's naturally sourced! 

Additionally, dermatologists recommend you snack on water-dense produce to hydrate the skin. For example, try making a skin-purifying DIY agua fresca with aloe, cucumber, and watermelon! These foods are packed with molecules that help deliver the water they contain into cells to help your skin rejuvenate.

kiwi and aloe vera for healthy skin

Bone Broth

Rich in collagen proteins, bone broth is the easiest way to consume naturally derived collagen and hyaluronic acid compounds. These allow your skin to retain moisture, which improves the skin’s texture and promotes a radiant complexion. For a vegan option with mineral support, try a Japanese seaweed salad called wakame—it hinders an enzyme occurring in the body called hyaluronidase that causes the deterioration of hyaluronic acid. 


This familiar breakfast staple has ceramides and all 20 amino acids, which are the building blocks necessary to promote natural collagen production. Nine essential amino acids need to come from our diet, and eggs are among the most versatile and egg-cellent sources. Ceramides, a lipid in eggs synthesized by skin cells, are also essential for locking in moisture to soften skin.


One kiwi contains most of our recommended daily vitamin C intake and is very high in alpha-hydroxy acid. Both help your body produce essential compounds like collagen and neurotransmitters, and they support your body’s natural plasma levels and restore antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to rejuvenate the skin, revealing a new glowing layer of you—Vitamin C brightens up your complexion, keeping it looking vibrant. If you aren’t a fan of kiwi fruit, then oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit are also options!

Fermented Foods With Probiotics

Foods like kefir, kombucha, and kimchi, are loaded with healthy enzymes, B vitamins, lactic acid, and antioxidants to support radiant, fresher-looking skin. They also provide gut-friendly bacteria that can help brighten skin, reduce the appearance of common blemishes, and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Fatty Fish

Salmon, mackerel, and sardines include CoQ10, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and vitamin E. Vegan sources of these nutrients are avocado, extra virgin olive oil, flax seeds, and macadamia nuts. Diets should be rich in omega-6 and omega-3, two essential fatty acids that the human body cannot produce independently. Fatty acids help skin cells maintain their moisture and protect and repair your skin from common environmental irritants. By focusing on emollient foods with healthy oils, you’ll replenish essential lipids to support youthfulness and promote firmer, toned skin.

Tru Alchemy™'s Glow Serum for healthy skin

Green Tea and Matcha

These contain active polyphenols like EGCG and phytonutrient flavonoids that are both super potent antioxidants. Foods high in antioxidants protect your skin from environmental stressors like ultraviolet rays and pollutants that are seriously dulling your skin. Free radicals break down collagen and disrupt natural cellular renewal— under-nourished skin is particularly vulnerable to this. Green tea is also known for its ability to reduce sebum. This, coupled with its antibacterial properties, makes it ideal for those with breakout-prone skin as well. It’s also high in caffeine and tannins, which help shrink blood vessels, leading to decreased puffiness. 

Final Thoughts

To unveil your best glow ever, we suggest a soothing warm tea and a meditative moment to massage the clean face with our oil and water-based TRU ALCHEMY Glow Serum. Let the cucumber melon scent elevate your mood, bliss out, and truly feel that glow from within. Our Glow Serum packs a one-two punch with the potent pairing of matcha tea and green tea concentration, but we've also blended in radiance-enhancing vitamin C, lactic acid, and bakuchiol (a plant-based gentle alternative to retinol).

The combination of these ingredients provides the skin with the supportive benefits of green tea, the natural exfoliating benefits of bakuchiol, and nature’s best brighteners for maximum skin nourishment inside and out.