How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winter

How to Keep Your Skin Hydrated in Winter

Cold weather, with its blustery winds and chilly temps, can necessitate a bit of a skincare trial and error to keep your complexion from becoming dry and dull. But fear not because with a few simple steps, you can make sure your skin maintains its glow and stays hydrated in the winter.

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Understanding the Effects of Cold Weather on the Skin

When the weather changes, so can your skin type. Often, people have oilier complexions in the warmer months and slightly dryer when it's colder. Gusts of dry winds don't help either, making your skin's moisture disappear faster.

Colder temperatures can make your skin more sensitive, and knowing how to adapt to these seasonal changes will allow you to give your skin the extra TLC it needs in the winter.

Choosing the Right Skincare Products

First, stay away from drying ingredients like alcohol in your skincare products. Think of your skin like a sponge; you want to start with slightly damp skin and build layers of hydration to protect the skin barrier.

Next, a good moisturizer is your best friend, helping to soften, hydrate and lock in hydration. Some ingredients to look for include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, polyglutamic acid, and emollients like jojoba and squalene, all found in our rich Quench Crème. This luxurious cream replenishes essential hydration to parched skin, while bakuchiol helps support firmness and promote elasticity to stay resilient against the elements.

Additionally, brisk weather and constant indoor heat can dehydrate your skin and make it dull, so use a targeted serum to combat dull winter skin. Give your complexion a dose of radiance with our emollient Glow Serum, packed with glow-boosting vitamin C and glycolic acids to nourish and reveal brighter skin.

Establishing a Winter Skincare Ritual

Curating a winter skincare ritual not only keeps you glowing, it also helps you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Consistency with your skincare ritual can brighten your day and your complexion. It can make you feel cherished and protected, especially in the shorter and darker days during winter months. We recommend creating a ritual tailored to your skin's unique needs for each season. Whether your skin is on the oily side, a bit sensitive, or somewhere in between, customizing your ritual ensures that your complexion gets exactly what it deserves.

When it comes to your evening ritual, it's time for some nighttime magic! This is when your skin goes into repair mode, so providing some extra hydration is like tucking in your skin at night. We love using our indulgent Eye Elixir to keep our undereye supple and smooth. Another way to go the extra mile is to layer an occlusive balm or salve as the final step over your skincare. This technique, called slugging, locks in moisture and prevents trans-epidermal water loss.

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Shielding the Skin From the Elements

Even in winter, you should wear a daily SPF 30 or higher sunscreen. Sunscreen is the ultimate shield for your skin, keeping it safe from the sun's rays and environmental stressors, ensuring it stays youthful-looking and healthy.

When faced with arid winds, don’t forget to protect your lips and hands with lip balm and lotion to keep dry winter skin at bay.

Lastly, when washing your face, use a lukewarm temperature water to keep your complexion calm and help it retain moisture. While it can be tempting on chilly nights, piping hot water can strip the skin of its natural moisture.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring your skin stays hydrated during the winter months is essential. Your skin is distinctive, so give yourself a personalized ritual that suits your skin's unique needs to remain nourished, resilient, and radiant even in the chilliest weather.