Holiday Stress and How to Manage It With Self-Care Ritual

Holiday Stress and How to Manage It With Self-Care Ritual

As we step into the magic of the holiday season wrapped in festive celebrations, it's important to acknowledge that amidst the hustle and bustle, this time of the year  can be stressful for many. Let's take a moment to identify a few common sources of holiday stress we may encounter and explore some gentle ways to navigate through seasonal stress with ease.

What Causes Holiday Stress

Lack of sleep: The whirlwind of the holiday season can leave us sleep-deprived, heightening the stress we feel.

Excessive Indulgence: It's common to partake in less-than-healthy habits, like over-indulging in sweet treats and libations, which intensifies holiday blues, and affects our levels of stress. .

Financial Pressure: Balancing budgets and affording gifts can add an extra layer of pressure during the already demanding season.

Isolation and Solitude: Being unable to share the festive season with loved ones can magnify feelings of loneliness.

Unrealistic Expectations: Setting the bar too high for constant holiday joy can be challenging. For many, the pressure to radiate joy is an additional layer of stress.

Managing Stress

One comforting aspect of holiday stress is its predictability. Unlike other life stresses, we know exactly when holiday stress is going to show up and when it's expected to subside. Knowing this allows us to diminish the impact it might have on us.

Here are some tips to consider, aiming to alleviate holiday havoc before it becomes overwhelming.

Embrace Connection

Choosing solitude can sometimes deepen feelings of isolation and tempt you to withdraw and seek solace in the comfort of your home. Especially when spending the holidays away from family, reaching out and seeking social support can be an extra challenge. Remember, embracing connections, even in small ways, can bring warmth and light to your heart during this time.

Physical Movement

Engaging in physical activity is a wonderful way to uplift your spirits. Begin at a comfortable pace, gradually working towards 30 to 60 minutes a day, five days a week, whether it's through cardio exercises, pilates, yoga, or any other kind of fitness.

Even a simple and relaxed activity like taking a short daily walk holds the potential to keep those holiday blues at bay with a touch of gentle movement.

Find Moments for Yourself

Whether it's gift shopping in crowded stores, decorating, hosting, or enduring holiday season travel, it's essential to carve out moments of devoted "me" time and create a haven for self-care.

Create Your Ritual

Creating a self-care ritual, particularly centered around skincare, not only nurtures your complexion but it’s also the perfect time to unwind and connect with yourself.

Light a candle  to create instant ambiance and set the tone. In the soothing light, start by cleansing and letting worries melt away with our Celestial Cleanser. The kaolin clay will tone and deeply purify the skin. The formula also features a delicate cucumber scent that lathers into a soft foam for a tactile way to activate your senses. If you have extra time, apply a softening mask, like our Mystic Mask, and practice a mini-mindfulness moment while it does its magic.

Next, apply a serum, like our Glow Serum, and a nourishing moisturizer, like Quench Crème. Take a few minutes to massage these products into the skin with gentle pressure and upward, circular motions. A soothing skincare ritual is like a comforting hug, leaving your skin brighter and rejuvenated.

Final Thoughts
This winter season, make sure to prioritize moments of relaxation for yourself. Allotting as little as 15 to 20 minutes each day, listening to soothing music, enjoying a bath, practicing yoga, or maintaining your skincare ritual can work wonders in soothing everyday stress levels, especially during the holidays.