These Are the Top 5 Stressors Affecting Your Skin

These Are the Top 5 Stressors Affecting Your Skin

As we move through the world, we’ll inevitably encounter harsh environments, natural elements, common toxins, and other everyday stressors. Yet, each day can be a new chance to balance those effects on our body's dermal layer.

When discussing the toll on our skin, it more specifically refers to protecting your skin barrier, which is the key to maintaining a beautiful and healthy complexion.

Protecting against these few factors will make all the difference in your glow and lasting radiance for any age! Here are the five biggest no-nos to avoid.

1. The Sun

We should all have our time in the sun! The vitamin D-rich rays are great for our general well-being, happiness, and health. However, many of skincare’s active ingredients increase photosensitivity to the sun's more harmful effects and enhance lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Like you, we love our active time outdoors but recommend SPF and the use of hats (the bigger the better) to provide your skin some necessary shade. We suggest an SPF in the morning and bringing a spray mist or powder with you to reapply throughout the day if on the go.

2. Dehydration

When we are dehydrated, the skin will appear dull, uneven, flaky, and fine lines and dark circles will appear more prominent.

Dehydration affects the skin barrier too, which is our number one defense against everyday environmental stressors. When adequately hydrated internally, our skin's protective barrier is far less permeable and more resilient to collagen loss. You’ll want to make sure to use a great moisturizer for additional support, moisture, and barrier protection. A great tip for hydration is to use a humidifier indoors in tandem with drinking water to give your skin a dewy glow and keep your eyes, nasal passages, and respiratory system healthy as well.

Water glass with lemon and straw, view from above

Becoming dehydrated throughout the day can happen quicker than you think! Your hydration needs to be replenished daily, as our body’s organs are constantly in need, so drink up!

It’s recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, or about a half gallon. You can also snack and hydrate with foods like cucumbers, celery, and watermelon. Adding electrolytes to water and minerals like potassium will ensure our bodies hang on to the water we consume.

3. Fragrance

Synthetic fragrance often has a long list of harsh chemicals and ingredients that are safe in very small amounts. However, when we use fragranced products every day, an accumulative effect on our skin barrier occurs. As a result, it can cause irritation and sensitivity.

Even naturally-sourced essential oils, despite being organic and chemical-free, can still cause irritation when directly applied to the skin. Scented products should be kept to a minimum, and perfumes can be sprayed onto clothing rather than the skin itself!

4. Over Exfoliating

There is nothing better than the radiant glow we can achieve when applying skincare after smoothing away dull skin with our favorite acids and body scrubs! We love a bright and polished complexion. However, like all good things, moderation is key. Less is always more when it comes to exfoliating. We only need to exfoliate once or twice weekly.

Our skin barrier’s lipid layer is like its very own microbiome that should be left intact. When we exfoliate, we eat away at this barrier. If we constantly slough it away, we erode a vital part of our skin’s natural protection.

Tru Alchemy's Spot Check

Our skin barrier holds in hydration and creates a shield against environmental aggressors. It’s important that we keep our skin balanced and gently exfoliated. Liquid exfoliants like AHA’s and BHA’s are best! They brighten and reveal the dewy, luminous skin underneath! Try Tru Alchemy’s Spot Check serum, packed with vitamin C and niacinamide to get glowing and diminish the appearance of discoloration.

To prevent transepidermal water loss, we recommended layering skincare and always following exfoliation with an emollient. You can seal it and further protect your skin barrier with a luxurious and rich moisturizer. Tru Alchemy’s Quench Crème is made with soothing botanical lipids to firm and support collagen.

5. Processed Sugar

Here’s the good news and the bad news. An occasional sweet treat can lower stress, which is great for our skin and happiness! The bad news is that excessive sugar, especially processed, can cause skin to age prematurely. Sugar accelerates collagen loss and makes us more prone to typical oxidative stress. In other words, processed sugars accentuate the appearance of fine lines and dark spots.

What can we do? Well, we can counter the effects by eating nutritious snacks and flushing the body with proper hydration. Not to sound like a broken record, but it’s all about moderation.

Don’t strive for perfection. Instead, strive for consistency and balance. So yes, have that cookie and margarita in the sun’s warmth! To live a full life is to endure a little stress here and there, which may manifest on the skin. This is why turning to self-care and having a daily skincare ritual can be grounding and essential. Tru Alchemy is meant to harmonize the impact of daily stressors. When in doubt, Tru Alchemy’s Spot Check will harness and distill potent ingredients like white shiitake extract to enhance your glow, calm the mind, and replenish the spirit so you can stay carefree.