Wellness and Self-Care Tips From the Tru Alchemy® Team

Wellness and Self-Care Tips From the Tru Alchemy® Team

At TRU ALCHEMY®, we’re a close-knit community. We each aspire to embody a defining serene mindset and intuitive lifestyle to nourish our mind, soul, and skin in our unique way.

So, we asked the TRU ALCHEMY® team to share their self-care rituals and talk about their holy grail favorites. Here’s what the real women of TRU had to say.

With Autumn around the corner, this can be a great time to reflect on the past year and to set new goals or intentions. An intention is the seed of our creations and personal transformations. So what are some of your intentions for the rest of the year and or daily self-care rituals?

“Try to be more present and live in the moment as opposed to constantly thinking (and worrying) about the future. My skincare routine helps me with this as I take the time to be present while going through each step!” - Marysa

“I've been doing more reading to quiet (and also stimulate) my mind. My roommate and I also made a pact to continuously go to the gym and better ourselves.” - Tanisha

“Set aside twice-weekly sessions of pampering and indulgence” - Kim

“Breathe more. Chill more. Stress less” - Jessica

Moving your body every day is a kind of transformative self-care, especially practices such as yoga where being present is encouraged through your breath. Even during the everyday stress, remembering these small practices, i.e., to “breathe more,” can be rejuvenating. 

smiling woman at home with skin care products

How do you combine your skincare and self-care rituals?

“My skincare routine forces me to have "me time." I love that it is the moment I take for myself every day - to focus on giving my skin its very best.”- Alex 

“I just listen to what my body wants to do. If I want to read and do puzzles instead of going to the gym, I do that and don't force myself into being unhappy (and vice versa). It's all about balance for me.” – Tanisha

“My daily skincare ritual is part of my self-care ritual.” - Roberta 

“Every day of the week I do something special for my skincare routine like Tuesdays and Thursdays would be face oil cleanser, a mask, or exfoliant treatment day.” - Jessica 

“With relaxing music and cooling eye cucumbers ... in a fluffy robe.” - Kim

“I take collagen and skin vitamins and stay hydrated and out of the sun. My skincare topical ritual is exfoliating 4 times a week, deep cleansing (Mystic Mask) 1 x per week. During the day, I use Glow Serum, a little extra C serum, sunscreen over that, and then my makeup. At night, I am a Retin-A user, and I apply it with a hyaluronic acid serum. I also do a Gua Sha facial nightly. I dermaroll once monthly as well. After I dermaroll with a .5 microneedle roller, I apply the Glow Serum plus a DMAE lotion. It works well with other products.” - Savvy

“I try to remind myself that I am worth taking the time to do the routine. Maybe no one but my dog and I see me in person right now, but that shouldn't matter. It's still worth the time.” - Christine

Tru Alchemy Celestial Cleanser, Eye Elixir, Glow Serum and Quench Crème

Which TRU ALCHEMY® product is your favorite and why?

“The Glow serum because it leaves my skin soft, smooth, hydrated, and literally glowing. I'll put it on and go out, and people will compliment me on my skin and ask what I'm using. It's incredible.” - Tanisha

“Glow Serum. Feels really good on my face. Love the Vitamin C + Niacinamide combo”. - Roberta

“Glow Serum and Mystic Mask.” - Kim

Spot Check. I love it because it works and I see results; - Marysa

“Spot check. The difference in my dark spots was so fast I thought I was crazy. I had to find a picture from a few months ago just to make sure that it had really lightened up so much.” -Christine

Eye Cream. I immediately see a difference when I apply this to my under eye area. I LOVE the applicator! It really makes a difference in the cooling session.” - Alex

The Glow Serum is a team favorite! It works on all skin types to fight dullness, illuminate our complexion, and brighten our spirits. To incorporate it into your regimen, try gradually working it into your routine a few times a week to experience the brilliant results. 

TRU ALCHEMY® is all about connecting with yourself and utilizing the time you give your skin to be intentional, present, and mindful. In our busy everyday lives, it’s important to find small ways to indulge in acts of self-care, even in the smallest of ways.