Leah’s Day in Wellness

Leah’s Day in Wellness

Always looking for inspiration, we love to seek out dialogues from women who are tru innovators, movers, and shakers in lifestyle spaces. So, we caught up with inspiring creator & wellness coach Leah Grosjean.

Although she hails from the east coast, Leah went to Hussian College in Los Angeles. A bicoastal creative and jack of all trades, including acting, dancing, teaching, Leah is a holistic health coach for performers like herself. Her philosophy centers around the idea that “we can never be just one thing—we are relentlessly a million things all at once.”

You’ll find her in sunny Southern California, recharging in nature, sharing knowledge, and empowering artists to take charge of their health and happiness. Read on for a look into a day in the life of this lovely wellness warrior.

What is your ideal morning routine?

LG: Wake up early. I like to have enough time in the morning to be able to take my time, not rush, and just be. I have one strict rule about the first hour of my mornings: NO PHONE!

After waking up, I drink a big glass of water to rehydrate after a good night’s rest.

Then, I head to the kitchen to make myself my morning drink: tea, hot lemon water, or coffee. I like to sip on my drink outside on my balcony to take in the daylight and allow myself to naturally wake up and self-reflect.

After some gentle self-reflection and quiet, I allow myself some movement. I lay out my yoga mat, take a long, gentle stretch, and ease into my morning workout routine.

This changes every day depending on how my body is feeling; I might practice yoga, Pilates, or a fun HIIT workout. I like to change it up and honor what my body is needing. As long as I move my body, I’m happy!

My workout is followed by intuitive meditation. Sometimes the workout itself becomes meditative, but I like to take a few deep breaths to center myself before starting my day.

Then, I shower, follow my TRU ALCHEMY® skincare routine, and I’m off with my day!

Most underrated selfcare ritual?

LG: The most underrated selfcare ritual has to be a facial massage—MY GOODNESS. Talk about everyday stress relief. Also, deep belly breathing. That’s an act of selfcare I can try to practice in every moment—this really brings me back to myself when I’m feeling chaotic.

TRU: Want to step up your routine? We love to incorporate facial massage any chance we can and find it transforms an ordinary daily routine into a magical mini-spa moment. After using the Mystic Mask, skin is perfectly primed for a gentle massage. Take a few drops of our Glow Serum, and use fingertips or a gua sha tool to increase circulation and tone the skin.

Leah Grosjean using Tru Alchemy's Mystic Mask

Best wellness advice you ever received?

LG: “Clean your gut so you can live from your gut. Powerful gut = powerful gut instincts.”   Robyn Youkilis

Favorite way to unwind after a long day?

LG: Put my phone away on do-not-disturb, give myself a gentle facial massage, connect with my loved ones, and read a good fiction novel.”

Go-to feel-good meal?

LG: I love me some sushi! YUM!

What wellness advice would you give to your younger self?

LG: Take care of your heart and soul first.

TRU: We love to see it! At TRU ALCHEMY®, we’re all about uniting the practice of skincare and selfcare to nourish the mind, soul, and skin.