Interview with Beauty + Wellness Influencer Alyssa Lynch

Interview with Beauty + Wellness Influencer Alyssa Lynch

We recently caught up with the lovely Alyssa Lynch, a beauty wellness influencer based in Los Angeles, to talk about all things Tru Alchemy and get her beauty insight and wellness wisdom. Let's hear about some of her favorite things and what magic she's manifesting for herself. 

Tell us about how you discovered Tru Alchemy and what was your first impression?

I discovered it through social media. I love a brand that represents being your best self from the inside out, and just by the branding, I could sense there was a spiritual and holistic approach to the products. 

How have you come to integrate skincare, particularly Tru Alchemy products, into your overall wellness routine?

I love integrating Tru Alchemy products into my routine as a calming, relaxing, almost spa experience for myself. For example, the Mystic Mask when my skin needs hydration and while I sip coffee, the retinol integrated into my nighttime routine for extra glow, or the glow serum before I gua sha

Do you have a favorite product from Tru Alchemy that is special to you?

Currently loving the Eye Elixir since your girl's under eyes get real puffy. 

Tell us about your skincare ritual. How do you create intention with your skincare?

I take my time when I can and focus on my skincare routine as a self-care practice. It helps that these products have the perfect scent and feeling to create a special self-care routine. 

What's your skin type?


What is your most essential wellness practice?

My morning routine—skincare, water, coffee, journal, meditation 

You recently hosted an event with Tru Alchemy called “A Night Under the Stars.” How was that? What about it was most memorable for you? 

Ahhh! Magical is the perfect word to describe it. The most perfect setup that truly represented the brand and product, as well as so many beautiful girls who were aligned with the theme of spirituality, self-care, and connection. My favorite part was talking to the founder and hearing how passionate she is about this brand.

When it comes to the theme of renewal in self-care, can you tell us how you personally interpret the meaning and intention behind the Tru Alchemy for yourself? What does that look like for you?

This year is all about releasing past versions of myself and transforming and stepping into a new me, whether that be literally by focusing on self-growth, being selfish, and getting rid of toxic relationships… or more metaphorically by washing away toxicity from my body and skin and replacing it with hydrating and healthy products that make me feel my best. 

What would be an ideal day for you? 

♦ morning routine
♦ hot yoga/Pilates 
♦ jump in the ocean 
♦ walk with coffee and best friends 
♦ work from a cafe 
♦ create content 
♦ go to the market 
♦ listen to music while cooking dinner
♦ watching a beautiful film 

What new thing or practice have you been really enjoying in 2023?

♦ watching more of my favorite films 
♦ listening to more music 
♦ being more attentive to the arts again, where my soul feels most alive 
♦ writing/singing 
♦ travel/spontaneity 
♦ breathwork

What magic are you manifesting for this year?

Falling more in love with myself, with nature, with art, with my friends.

Abundance with dream partnerships and growing my team and work-family. 

Healthiest body and mind I’ve ever been in. 

What makes you feel inspired?

Art, music, film, nature, people, writing, singing… 

Time off phone observing the world 

Final Thoughts 

Thank you to Alyssa Lynch for sharing with us! There are so many gems here to serve as great daily reminders of how to live authentically. Like you, connecting with women and hearing about what they’re passionate about inspires us as well. We’re passionate about connecting on the subject of mystical abundance and getting to know ourselves on a deeper level through self-growth and self-care. We love that for us!