How to Use Astrology to Find Your Purpose in Life

How to Use Astrology to Find Your Purpose in Life

Whether you believe in having an innate cosmic destiny or pursuing your own talents, abilities, and purpose, astrology can help us navigate our chosen path in life with more efficiency.

If you’re not finding fulfillment in your day to day, it’s possible you’ve wandered off track, lost your way or are working through a personal hardship. If this sounds right, consider consulting different and multifaceted celestial charts that go beyond your astrological sign. The cosmos just may reveal your soul's intentions with clues to orient you along the way.

Understand Dharma and Karma

Dharma and karma are the two concepts that define and shape philosophy of astrology. They reflect what you were born to do and our learning curve.

Dharma can be defined as our nature or inner compass. This inner compass drives our thinking, aspirations in life, and refers to our destiny. This is the goal that your soul has set and will go after to manifest.

Karma on the other hand, is the reaction or activity we endure to live, grow, and evolve towards your destiny. Meanwhile, feeling “stuck” is an indicator that you are sticking to a comfort zone and must reach higher.

The North Node

Our Moon has two lunar nodes: one in the north and one in the south. Each node represents the point at which the Moon’s orbit intersects with the ecliptic plane. In astrology, some clues about our purpose are encoded in these nodes. The lunar nodes help us answer the big question, “what am I supposed to do with my life?"

a forest ritual with candle lights, crystals

The south lunar node represents your roots, where you come from while the north node illuminates the terrain that's calling your name. If the top of a mountain is your destiny that you must trek, the karma is the incline. You must push past and continue; the incline is not your opposition. It lets you know by experiencing the discomfort, that you’re on the right path and are in fact pursuing your destiny.

North node activities require you to stretch out of your comfort zone. The sooner you align yourself with this path, the more purpose and fulfillment your life will have.

The Sun and the Moon

While the north node reveals aspiration, the sun, moon, and rising signs reveal traits and clues to our present character and interest.

The sun sign shows the elemental themes that rule our signs. These are the primary themes different signs are currently working through. Fire signs are learning about action, earth signs are learning about stability, air signs are learning about thought, and water signs are learning about emotions.

The moon is connected to the past. The way it guide’s the ocean tides is symbolic of repetition and suggests past-life abilities and experiences. We often think that just because something comes naturally to us that it's what we should do with our lives. Yet sometimes it no longer feels spiritually satisfying and we’re ready for a transformation.

The Rising

Your rising sign, also called your ascendant, is the sign that was rising over the eastern horizon when you were born. Often people can embody subtle traits from their rising sign and it can shape their attitude, demeanor and outlook. 

pisces ascension

The Ruler

The planetary ruler reveals themes, personality traits, and characteristics that often describe how your purpose and persona manifests. Here's a quick summary:

♦ Mars rules Aries
♦ Venus rules Taurus and Libra
♦ Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo
♦ The moon rules Cancer
♦ The sun rules Leo
♦ Pluto rules Scorpio
♦ Jupiter rules Sagittarius
♦ Saturn rules Capricorn
♦ Uranus rules Aquarius
♦ Neptune rules Pisces

Create Your Dharma Map

When there is balance and alignment with all of your charts, you can feel clear in your soul's aspiration. Here's how to create yours:

♦ Finding your north node reveals a central primary purpose for your life. The information conveyed by the north node's sign may guide you toward a career full of contentment.

♦ Look at your sun, moon, and rising signs and the themes represented. The sun, moon, and rising come together to summarize the key objectives for a soul.

♦ Study the ruler of your sign to understand subtle details and nuances of how your aspirations materialize.

♦ Notice the location of your rising sign and how aspects reveal ways to express your natural talents. 

♦ Another helpful tool could be to consult a full birth chart for a comprehensive reading.

Take Away

Whether you are a non-believer of astrology or are fluent in it, one lesson for everyone is that it encourages us to be intentional and conscious. Embracing and working through karma empowers transformation. When in doubt, mapping and manifesting your potential can help you to walk your path with purpose. Who knows, your next pursuit may be written in the stars.