Small Steps to Maximize Your Wellness and Skincare Routine

Small Steps to Maximize Your Wellness and Skincare Routine

As we enter a new year, our thoughts often linger on personal growth and ways we can nourish and maintain wellness. How do we become our best selves? What are the traits and habits of successful people? In truth, there is no single right way or path to being successful, what works for one person may not for others. Still, there are some basic steps with actionable, easy ways to set intention and reach that goal. Here are some of our favorite small ways to be intentional.

Wake Up Early

If you look at the most successful people, they have one habit in common—being early birds. Waking up with the sun has numerous benefits for our mental health and wellness, as well as elevating our chances of reaching personal goals. Setting aside time in the wee hours will allow you to focus without the chaotic distractions of your busy life that demand attention.

If you have trouble waking up early and find yourself feeling groggy, try the 10-3-2-1 Method to improve your sleep hygiene. The 10-3-2-1-0 Method is a simple numerical step-by-step guide to prepare yourself for best slumber as you’re winding down for the night.

♦ 10 hours before bed: Reduce or eliminate caffeine.

♦ 3 hours before bed: No more food. This helps your digestive system and allows you to rest properly.

♦ 2 hours before bed: No more work or activities that require cognitive focus.

♦ 1 hour before bed: No more blue light emitting screen time from your devices such as phones, TVs and computers.

Set Small Daily Goals

Setting a clear intention is one way of attaining your goals, but be specific. Many successful people will write down a short list of daily goals. This helps you feel a small sense of accomplishment in each step and feeling more contentment. These small actionable steps build your confidence to keep going. One reason people lose steam pursuing a goal is that it can feel too broad and too big. The key is in breaking up big goals into smaller, achievable, and more digestible mini goals.

Set a Date

A great way to impose a timeframe and stick to it—set a time and date as a deadline. Once you put something on your calendar, you are more likely to meet that goal. Let’s say you want to prioritize fitness and start running again. Chances are you won’t be as sustainably motivated on your own; however, if you sign up for a marathon that is happening on an upcoming date, you have a constant reminder and motivation to train for it. You are more likely to stick to your goals by having that accountability.

Strive for Consistency

It’s often said: consistency is key. Rather than reaching for perfection, strive for consistency. This rings especially true for self-care routines and rituals. When we want to see real and lasting changes, we must be patient, yet consistent.

Your nightly ritual is an especially opportune time to keep yourself consistent, as it can benefit how you look, but also very much how you feel, helping you decompress after a long day.

It’s a peaceful time. For example, Instead of using harsh scrubs to vigorously exfoliate your skin, it’s much better to continuously use a gentle but effective liquid exfoliant such as alpha hydroxy or lactic acid serum. Tru Alchemy’s Spot Check is packed with skin smoothing TriDroxy Acid Blend® to diminish the appearance of discoloration, revealing a bright and radiant complexion over time.

Tru Alchemy's Spot Check

In addition to practicing valuable “me-time,” this same mindset should be applied to our goals in life. We may not be able to see instant changes overnight, but future-you will be happy you made the effort.

Display Emotional Intelligence

Display emotional intelligence toward yourself and others. Emotionally intelligent people are good listeners, which makes one a naturally good leader. An important component for being a good leader is inspiring those around you to want to do their best. Highly emotional people are empathetic, often forward thinking, and able to find answers to problems. To improve your emotional intelligence:

♦ Focus on identifying your own emotions, what you are feeling and what is causing them.

♦ Manage your emotions by observing them and finding the best ways to communicate them.

♦ Listen to others, not only by hearing what someone is saying, but also paying attention to nonverbal signs and body language.

Go Outside

Get some fresh air and natural light. Being outside during midday sunlight is beneficial for our mood and overall wellness. Getting sunlight directly into your eyes for just 15 minutes helps to boost serotonin production, reduces stress, improves sleep and strengthens your immune system.

Final Thoughts

When you’re feeling your best—nurturing your mind, body and soul—you’re more likely to remain committed to reaching intentional goals. Becoming our best selves is an unfurling and nonlinear path that ebbs and flows with both reflection and action. Finding the right balance will help guide you along the way.