Skin Secrets: How Exercise Can Heal Us From Within

Skin Secrets: How Exercise Can Heal Us From Within

The universe is constantly in motion, from the rise and fall of the ocean tides to the cosmic swirling of galaxies and stars.

Even as our bodies sit at rest, they are never truly still. Our hearts beat, and our chests rise and fall with our breathing. To be alive is to move. It is only natural that we feel most alive when in motion—running, swimming, or in vinyasa flow.

Runners often describe a phenomenon referred to as “runner’s high.” After prolonged and challenging aerobic exercise, electrical signals are firing off in our brains, offering a feeling of euphoria. Even after catching our breath, these effects can last for hours after getting our heart rate up.

The healing benefits of exercise are heightened further if done outdoors—the intake of fresh air and sunlight can boost cognitive function, reduce stress, and even improve your sleep. Moving every day has the potential to improve every part of the body, from our psyche to our complexion. 

Below, we’ll explore the vital role that regular movement plays in skin health and appearance. If you need more incentive to get in a good sweat session, here are a few natural ways that exercise works to keep your complexion looking vibrant and glowing.

Woman using  Tru Alchemy® Glow Serum

How Does Exercise Improve Skin?

You know that rosy flush you get from working out? That’s increased blood flow working overtime to circulate nutrients and oxygen throughout your skin. This, in turn, increases lymphatic drainage and reduces eye puffiness. Good circulation also helps to boost collagen production and purge toxins that can prematurely age skin tissue. Cardio exercise, in particular, is known to increase a specific enzyme in skin tissue that promotes cellular turnover and slows down the aging process. 

You can maximize the benefits of exercise with some post-workout skincare. Tru Alchemy’s Glow Serum with vitamin C is gentle but potent with an exfoliating acid blend to help encourage that radiance your skin deserves. When skin is exfoliated, it absorbs nutrients more efficiently, leading to a healthier and more luminous complexion. Pairing these two natural remedies together is the perfect way to keep your glow going after a robust workout. 

Even the beads of sweat your body produces to cool you down have beneficial effects on your skin and your body’s overall wellbeing. When you sweat, your pores open and release impurities. This is why spas and bathhouses from cultures worldwide offer dry saunas and steam rooms—they make you sweat so your body can cleanse itself naturally from the inside out.

Before your next workout, wash your face with Tru Alchemy’s Celestial Cleanser to enhance a detoxifying mini-spa effect. After you sweat, be sure to rinse off with a mild temperature shower to rinse away impurities. 

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Exercise To Reduce Common Inflammation

While sweat-inducing cardio offers a multitude of skin benefits, low-impact exercise can actually improve your skin by reducing inflammation. Yoga or tai chi are great options, but this kind of movement can take many forms; a spiritual hike through the forest, a rejuvenating swim in the ocean, a leisurely and scenic bike ride. All of these activities are known to reduce stress and therefore reduce common occurrences of body inflammation.

Inflammation is a major source of skin aging, and these low-impact activities regulate the skin’s inflammatory response. Typical skin conditions that cause redness can also be brought on by inflammation and stress that compromise the skin’s barrier, making it dry and sensitive. 

For those with oily skin, inflammation can result in unwanted break-outs. A simple yoga breathing technique called Pranayama has been practiced for hundreds of years and is known to have an internal cooling effect and reduce stress as well. 

Final Thoughts 

Movement is the cornerstone of a holistic mind-body lifestyle. It has the capacity to heal, strengthen and transform each of us gradually into our best selves. It connects us to the natural world and blesses us with agility. Every cell in our bodies benefits from everyday movement. 

Achieving a younger-looking, healthier complexion doesn’t begin and end with a stellar skincare regime; it’s just one part of living a more mindful lifestyle. 

In truth, it’s about creating space for de-stressing rituals such as exercise. Think of exercise as an extension of a skincare ritual that truly centers your well-being. Everything is in motion, and everything is connected. Remember, the most important movement you do is the one that brings you the most joy.